Day six of Covid 19 infection

I am still doing well.  I have a side effect from the antiviral, it has given me the runs.  As a tradeoff it is very minor.  All other symptoms are gone except for postnasal drip, and the resulting cough bringing that back up.  All things considered; it seems I am well along the way to a full recovery.

Monkeypox has gone airborne

Yep, that is really happening, but it is not as bad as it sounds, despite being bad.  Monkey pox has mutated to allow it to transmit via aerosolized droplets, but it still requires close personal contact exposure.  The worst transmission feature of Monkeypox is that, like its cousin Smallpox, it can linger on surfaces for days, and in fabrics for a lot longer.  It used to require coming into contact directly with the fluids of Monkeypox, like getting the ooze from a popped blister on you.  Now it can transmit via sneeze or cough, both of which Monkeypox produces.

Tonight’s the night

Every news network except Fox (which is news entertainment, not news) will cover the first prime time revelations from the Jan 6th committee.  Tonight, they will set a narrative with a timeline, based on all the evidence and interviews.  Expect never before heard or seen, texts, recordings, and excerpts from testimony from many people directly involved.

We already know that many will stick their fingers in their ears, but as citizens of a Liberal Representative Democracy we need to understand what they found.  We need to see what the evidence shows, and then make up our minds as to what ought to come next, or what the law demands comes next. All citizens should watch and make up their own minds.

Fox intends to “counterprogram”, in other words spin more bullshit lies and conspiracy theories to keep the base angry and not thinking.

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