Day three of Covid 19

I can recall in the beginning of the Covid Pandemic people claiming the illness had an on again, off again presentation.  That is someone would feel fine all day, and feel like hell all night, or vice versa.  This is my experience too, but not on such neat timelines.

In my experience I can feel ok for a few hours, and revert back to deathly flu type symptoms, cough, phlegm, headaches, fever and chills, and heavy sweats.  I can also feel fine, and then have some aspect of my underlying issues suddenly become exacerbated, amplified, especially the pain index.  Due to previous injuries and inflammation from UC, my back can be painful. 

Covid, on the other hand seems able to take my back pain and elevate it into what I have always called “Combat Pain”.  This is the type of pain you see in combat.  Pain so sudden and intense that you scream out in a breaking voice while wondering who is screaming.  On a pain scale I would say my back pain is a 2-4, and four being the bad days, on Covid my back pain became combat pain and I found myself cursing in a breaking voice as I tried, and failed to move through the pain.

It took me a half hour to sit up through that pain and I sounded like a wounded animal throughout.

On Saturday, day one of Covid the dominant symptoms were Fever, Chills, and muscle cramping in my feet.
On Sunday, Day two of Covid, I gained a savage sinus headache and lost the camping in my feet, the rest remained the same.  I started the antiviral that evening.
On Monday, Day three of Covid, the virus kept fever and chills, lessened the sinus headache, and turned the sweat machine on high. I sweat profusely whether I am running a temp or not whereas I had been running 101-102 on day 2.  Worst new event of Monday was Covid exploiting issues with my back and hips ratcheting up the pain beyond anything I have experienced with those issues prior, far beyond.

Covid is very draining.  It comes over me in waves, I feel sick but kind of OK, I feel sick as hell like a bad flu, I feel in hellish pain of previous injuries for no visible reason, leading me to conclude that Covid is exploiting those weakness in my physicality.

The CDC called me today to confirm my diagnosis and tell me I am to quarantine until the 9th, and if I have any remaining symptoms, to mask with an n95 mask until those symptoms end.

I have been writing this for a few minutes now, maybe twenty, but I feel like I have been at it for hours, and it is the same for other activities.  Should I feel well enough to try and stretch my legs from my sick bed, a simple walk around the house feels like a marathon.

As before, this effort has wiped me out and I need to go back to bed.

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