Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday October 4, 2020

6:51 Am
This week in Covid . . .

Global Infected 33,125,652                          34,937,150
Increase        1,811,498
7 day average   258,785    infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead     998,074                                   1,033,678                            
Increase        35,604
7 day average   5,086     deaths daily

USA Infected    7,115,652                              7,383,244
Increase        267,592
7 day average   38,227    infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 204,758                                   209,399
Increase         4,807
7 day average   686     deaths daily

Maine Infected 5,288                                     5,486
Increase        198
7 day average   28    infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    140                                         142
Increase        2
7 day average   .28571 deaths daily

Another WTF week eh?  First there was that fiasco some called a debate.  That was and is a national embarrassment.

During the event it became crystal clear that Trump was unable to follow the rules, and in seeking to enforce them Mr. Wallace was derided by Trump and accused of debating Trump himself. Trump interrupted endlessly, taking his 2 min response time, and then overtalking Biden’s response.  Trump obviously thinks that shouting over another is a sound debate tactic.

This is an Ivy League education?

To me it was an illustration of the ‘Child in Chief’, a man who won’t let others talk, and does not value any opinion not in line with his own.

Then there is the open hypocrisy of the entire GOP regarding the nomination of a new Justice to the Supreme.  It was ‘unfair’ of Obama to nominate such a year out from the election according to the GOP then, it did not allow the citizens to speak with their vote. Now, it is the opposite, with only days till election the GOP wants to ram through their nominee, and will do so.  This is a banana republic action, an open hypocrisy making me ashamed of my nation.

Then for the Coup de grace, Trump himself becomes infected with C-19.  How?  By holding another super spreader event celebrating themselves for that open hypocrisy I just mentioned.  At that event in the Rose garden scant few wore masks and did not observe social distancing.  Then, at the end, they all walked around hugging one another, clapping backs and shaking hands to celebrate their open contempt for the average citizen while ramming through said justice.  As it stands several of those Senators are now infected, same with aides, and the President and his wife.

My worst fear is that Trump has an easy go of the virus, which would confirm his bias that the danger of C-19 was inflated by Democrats.  He, or some of these infected people need to have a bad time of it, to break that false bubble they created around this bug before the flu season kicks in and makes everything exponentially more dangerous.

As it stands they are now spinning the health data on the POTUS, telling the nation everything is fine, ‘nothing to see here’, even as they use untested, unproven, experimental treatments on the POTUS.  Something no good Dr would do without a serious cause.

Here’s to hoping this bloom in the White House, Senate, and the House manages to break through their own misinformation bubble.  It is in order to note the bloom is in the GOP because the GOP ignores science. 

The virus does not care.

As for me I live in my room, now my prison for all intents and purposes. 

I await my own eventual infection and likely demise while the GOP jokes about the Bug and derides others for taking standard precautions like wearing masks.  From my vantage point the whole affair is almost poetic justice. Poetic Justice would only be valid if prominent GOP members start becoming really ill and/or dying of Covid19 like the 200,000 they have let die by inaction and an active misinformation campaign. I fear that is neccessary to burst their cognitive bias, a self created bubble of misinformation they all reside in.

I got my flu shot and await my Pneumonia shot.  Here’s to hoping I get another week before infection. I think that history will condem us for stupidity, greed and a lack of scientific grasp, that is, if there remains a human race to look back on this history. That is not likely to be the case if we do not address Climate yesterday.

We did not.

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