Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday September 27, 2020

6:53 Am
This week in Covid . . .

Global Infected                                 30,804,120                                           33,125,652
Increase                               2,321,532
7 day average                    331,647    infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead                       957,348                                 998,074                
Increase                             40,726
7 day average                   5,818 deaths daily

USA Infected                     6,766,631                             7,115,652
Increase                             349,021
7 day average                   49,860    infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths              199,268                                 204,758
Increase                            5,490
7 day average                  784     deaths daily

Maine Infected                 5,035                                   5,288
Increase                             253
7 day average                   36     infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths                   139                                         140
Increase                            1
7 day average                   .14285 deaths daily

We are about 330,000,000 (330 million) citizens here in the states.  There are about 7,500,000,000 citizens of this planet.  That is 330 M / 7.5 B or 330 M divided by 7.5 billion, about .044 of the world population.

The world has 991,000 dead of Covid 19, of those 200,000 are US citizens, 200,000/991,000 = .20181 0f the global deaths.  .044 Of the planet but .20181 of the same planet.  This is a stark illustration of how we are failing here.

40% of the population believes the POTUS and the right wing’s spin machine, giant rallies with no masks as we head into fall.  This is human hubris at its finest, one side cheering for itself while disbelieving the threat while its actions may well be infecting and killing many, many more.  Trump is infecting his own base, and I cannot help but wonder how much death is required for these folks to see the threat.

The infection rate is increasing and death rate has plateaued at an elevated level, but we know deaths follow infections by 21 days or so, longer for many.

News is constantly screaming RED vs BLUE but we are Red, White and Blue.  E Pluribus Unum.

A nation divided against itself cannot stand, so again I hear this in my mind.

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