Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday September 20, 2020

6:53 Am
This week in Covid . . .

Global Infected      28,807,891                     30,804,120
Increase                  1,996,229
7 day average        285,175 infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead           921,022                           957,348                
Increase                  36,326
7 day average        5,189 deaths daily

USA Infected         6,492,744                        6,766,631
Increase                 273,887
7 day average       39,126 infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 193,734                             199,268
Increase                5,534
7 day average      790 deaths daily

Maine Infected    4,863                                  5,035
Increase                172
7 day average      24.5 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths      136                                       139
Increase                3
7 day average     .42857 deaths daily

So we have had a large spike in Maine.  This is due to one church and its adherents.  The pastor for these Baptists says “God determines who gets C-19 and therefore masks are pointless”.  They held Church services inside with no masks and held a wedding under similar conditions and thus caused a bloom 175+ deep, including inside a nursing home, causing several deaths over the last two weeks.  They, like Trump, take no responsibility for their irresponsibility.

Trump, knowing full well C-19 was fully airborne when I only suspected that, nevertheless played the virus down, on how deadly it was, how contagious it was, and promoted the miraculous idea ‘it will just go away’.  His rallies hold tens of thousands. 

If a small church wedding in Maine attended by a dozen or so people causes 175 infections and 10 deaths, what do you think rallies of 30,000 under the same conditions will do?  What they have already done.  Trump threatens every American by these actions, including his own base who believe Jesus will protect them, but not you, or those ‘Libtards’.

Very “Love thy neighbor” eh?

Top that off with the news that they locked and loaded with AP rounds when protests came near the white house; the AG stating protesters are committing sedition (attempted overthrow of the nation); the desire to acquire a heat ray designed for the battlefield and disapproved for said battlefield because we considered the Geneva conventions. 

A weapon too harsh for war was asked for by the Trump admin to use on protesters, 99% of whom were entirely peaceful. When a protest is 100,000 deep, and 1% raises hell, loots and sets fire, that is 1,000 people creating havoc, but not at all representative of the 99%.

Our military did not think this heat weapon a just weapon for war, aligning it with Chemical weapons and the like, so it stayed on the shelf.  This weapon basically microwaves your skin at range, making you feel on fire by microwaving your skin.  This is very oversimplified explanation of the weapon system. So what is too harsh for Isis is fit for Americans under Trump, if they have the audacity to protest.

So then RGB dies, and the entire GOP, in near lock step, decides to appoint and approve a new justice for the Supreme Court during the election.  Recall that in 2016 they held up the approval of a justice under Obama from February forward saying it was unfair in an election year.  Trump then selected that justice after the election.  Now they feel no obligation to follow the precedent they just set, their hypocrisy showing no limitations.

There is no Honor or integrity left in the GOP, they are the party of racism and cheating. Anyone with Honor or integrity who remaines in the GOP has now sacrificed that Honor and integrity for that of Trump, which is nonexistent.

The USA is infected by Trumpitis, and like C-19 it is very catchy.  In hard times many people feel better with Kings than Republics.  They do not want the responsibility of free choice, the responsibility of the fallout for one’s own actions.  They would rather trust someone else to make the hard choices and tell them what to do.

I do not see a vaccine for Trump disease.  It is a disease of mind and requires critical thinking to overcome, and in hard times many do not want to do that hard work, they want some leader to do it for them.  Problem is Trump is not a leader, he is an exploiter.  Even now he exploits their trust in him by exposing them to a virus which will undoubtedly kill some of his rally attendees, or their families friends or neighbors.

Excess deaths is a way we chart changes in our societies deaths. When we have wars, natural disasters and the like we estimate the deaths and record the known deaths. In the wake of these events we record total deaths and compare that number to previous years minus the disaster. This reveals the undercount, those folks killed by the disater inadvertantly, unreported deaths and so on.

Th excess death count for America is in and reveals about 100,000 missed C-19 deaths, putting us at around 300,000 C-19 deaths thus far, not the almost 200,000 recorded. These deaths might not be strict C-19 deaths, but rather C-19 related deaths. Might be undiagnosed, or car wrecks traveling to hospitals or family shopping trips, or maybe it was a hurricane or wildfire. We don’t know what caused them, we just know an extra 100,000 people died this year so far, during this pandemic. 100,000 not counted as C-19 deaths but a 100,000 person death increae nontheless.

The most likely suspect is this natural disater we are in which we call the Covid-19 Pandemic.

When I grew up all men served unless they were 4f, like Trump. Over the years that changed from full participation of all able bodied men to 1% of our population in an all volunteer force. Trump’s base is screaming the ‘libtardss are all pussies’ we can run over them, lock and load on them and they won’t do anything. Thus they feel they can win by intimidation and force.

Damn few of them ever stood a post though, only 1% of us do. 1% of us understand the on the ground reality of combat, the chaos, the senseless deaths, and the everpresent threat of your own demise. So a large group, 10-15% of Trumps base, thinks they can lock and load their way to power, but they have no concept of what such a thing would be like, just some idea from books and films. They do not seem to realize they would make America Kosovo, and thei own children, all American children, would be in their war zone.

Lots of anger, lots of tribalism, the belief that they can get the changes they want by force of arms, no understanding of war on the ground , a decided lack of critical thinking skills and a stronmg tendacy twoards magical thinking like “Jesus won’t let me get sick” are a very volitile mix. I fear for my Nation.

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