Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Saturday August 29, 2020

7:56 AM

I believe I was working on a seven day average, but I blew that all to hell by closing on the house.

This will be about an 11 day run.

On last count before my move we had . . .

Global Infected 22,252,446   Today-24,772,926
Increase 2,520,480

Global Dead 783,825   Today-837,879
Increase 54,054

USA Infected 5,523,826   Today-5,918,381
Increase 394,555

USA C-19 deaths 172,825   Today-181,879
Increase 9,054

Maine Infected 4,234   Today-4,436
Increase 202

Maine deaths 127   Today-132
Increase 5

Remember, this is Donald Trumps American Vision enacted over 4 years. This is the ‘Trump Reality’.

My move was to an even more remote and rural/wilderness adjacent area than where I was, which is on the edge of a town, which is on the edge of a ‘city’ (60,000?) with a major university and international airport.  I moved away from all of that, permanently.

In most truly urban environs 60,000 people is a block or two.  My entire state has less people than Oakland, Ca; in many more square miles.  I moved even further out, away from humans and away from C-19.

Now I hear wind, trees groaning in wind, birds if there is no wind, and an occasional 4 wheeler, dirt bike or such far off in the woods, miles away.  If I lose power here I use the generator as restoration will be a long wait, hours at a minimum, days are common.  I have a dual heating system, a heat pump with a wood stove backup.  I am laying in 4 cords of wood now.

As I come back to this project, while still mostly in boxes, I see that my guess was again correct.  I wish I was wrong more often in this event. 

This is a Corona Virus, and I do not expect a viable vaccine, ever.  If one actually works, your immune response is likely to be very short lived and that type of virus mutates in minor ways very fast.  That is why we catch a cold over and over, it changes just enough and your antibodies only last a short time, so you catch it again and again.

Now there have been two confirmed cases of reinfection in short time periods.  This means that A.  People can catch it over and over again, like other coronavirus such as the common cold, or B.  This virus can hide in your cells, deep in your body and become undetectable, like TB.

Both are not good for humanity, and a direct threat to my existence.

I said it before and I will say it again, THIS IS THE BEGINING!

Not midway, not past the hump, but round one of a 15 round title fight.  We need to think like that, prepare like that, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


Well amred White boys can shoot unarmed, and armed black folks while claiming self-defense; get high fives and water from the police as well as praise for their efforts from the same police, being told “we really appreciate you guys”; but a Black man with a knife, walking away from cops and disengaging is shot 7 times in the back by the exact same police department.

We used to call that ‘back shooting’ and it was a hallmark of cowardice.  The young White shooter, after shooting 3 people, killing 2 and grievously maiming a third walks past Police with arms up and an AR 15 strapped to his chest, as people scream “he’s the shooter!”. That same police department ignores the well armed White man out after curfew.

Allows the active shooter to leave the scene and go home, to another state., completly unmolested by the Police. Do you think they would have ignored a Black Man weasring an Ar15 surrounded by people screaming ‘he is the active shooter!”?

We later find out the shooter is a 17 year old boy too young to own the weapon he is holding. He is in a Militia and a Trump supporter. Is any of that surprising?

People claim to be able to not see the disparity in such?  I do not believe them, that is willful blindness.

As this infectious disease spreads and kills, the POTUS continues to pretend he was successful in combating it.  He downplays the death, touts his own actions and calls for reduced testing, as if tests are the problem and by reducing the tests somehow, magically, the virus goes away because the case numbers drop.

Try that with any other test.  Ignore your symptoms for cancer and don’t get the test, does the cancer care?  Ignore that morning nausea, the bloating and mood swings, don’t bother with that pregnancy test, it will just go away, right?

Of course not.  Wake up people, the Donald is not worried about your losses, only his loss.  That has been his nature since I worked for Bear Stearns on Wall Street in 79-80.  It has not changed.

While I bought a home away from social centers and moved there 394,555 of my fellow Americans contracted C-19, 9,054 died from it, of those 5 were my fellow Mainers.

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