Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Tuesday August 18, 2020

4:00 PM

Global Infected-F/21,240,306-Sa/21,298,762-Su/21,582,345-M/21,761,813-Tu/21,974,080

Increase 1/58,456-2/283,583-3/179,468-4/212,267

Global Dead-F/766,429-Sa/767,892-Su/773,469-M/776,586-Tu/776,154?

Increase 1/1,463-2/5,577-3/3,117-4/-432?

USA Infected-F/5,314,116-Sa/5,347,953-Su/5,400,180-M/5,421,806-Tu/5,469,444

Increase 1/33,837-2/52,227-3/21,626-4/47,638

USA C-19 deaths-F/168,458-Sa/169,313-Su/169,955-M/170,277-Tu/171,343

Increase 1/855-2/642-3/322-4/1,388

Maine Infected-F/4,144-Sa/4,144-Su/4,168-M/4,197-Tu/4,213

Increase 1/0-2/24-3/53-4/16

Maine deaths-F/127-Sa/127-Su/127-M/127-Tu/127

Increase 1/0-2/0-3/0-4/0

Once again we have wonky numbers indicating fucking zombies or resurrections I guess, although it is far more likely to be simple human error typos.

Trump today actually demanded a do over for the upcoming election, before it happens.  Said “I cannot lose.  If I lose it is because it was rigged, otherwise I would win.” Not only is that egotistical and outright false, it is damn dangerous to undermine the nations confidence in the election process itself.  That has been and remains a primary goal of the Soviet/Russian agenda.

Putin has gotten his fondest wish, a President who undermines his own nation for him.

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