Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Monday, August 17, 2020

6:00 PM

Global Infected-F/21,240,306-Sa/21,298,762-Su/21,582,345

Increase 1/58,456-2/283,583

Global Dead-F/766,429-Sa/767,892-Su/773,469

Increase 1/1,463-2/5,577

USA Infected-F/5,314,116-Sa/5,347,953-Su/5,400,180

Increase 1/33,837-2/52,227

USA C-19 deaths-F/168,458-Sa/169,313-Su/169,955

Increase 1/855-2/642

Maine Infected-F/4,144-Sa/4,144-Su/4,168

Increase 1/0-2/24

Maine deaths-F/127-Sa/127-Su/127

Increase 1/0-2/0

So while my unit was down it seems we spiked and came down to a high plateau, which the nation is continuing on.  Were it to bloom from here, the plateau would become the new baseline.  That would be very bad.

The nation does not seem to get the lesson of AIDs.  Unless we are very fortunate this bug is not going anywhere, to bank on it ‘disappearing’ is betting against the tide.  That is there might be an earthquake or tsunami which prevents the tide from coming in on time, but it is not probable.  Recall this is a coronavirus, like the common cold.  We have never made a vaccine for that because it shifts too quickly and whatever immunity you get from it does not last long enough to make it viable.

We may well be in the same boat with C-19, needing not one, but several, or ever-changing vaccines, all of which only work for a single quarter.

It is novel, we just do not know.  We hope.

I agree, I hope we do use modern technology, more modern science and invent a vaccine which prevents it for years, or a lifetime.  I do not expect that, ever, with a corona virus.  I would be surprised if they could do that.  An Annual vaccine, like we do for Flu, yes, but its efficacy will be in question until after next year, as Phase four testing is public release.

How many drugs can you think of which were released only to be recalled years or even a decade or more later? We did not know when they were released what effect they might have years down the line, we found out and recalled them, or warned the public of those side effects.

So while I isolated another 52,227 of my fellow Americans contracted C-19, another 642 perished of it, none of them fellow Mainers.

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