Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Fifty six

Surviving C-19 Day 56
May 26, 2020 4:00 PM
126 Days since first US infection

Global Infected 5,453,784 5,550,399
Increase Infected 168,954 96,615
Global Dead 345,886 348,302
Increase Dead 5,081 2,416
US Infected 1,651,254 1,672,714
Increase Infected 32,306 21,460
US Dead 97,940 98,636
Increase Dead 957 696

Let’s check those canaries . . .

In Alaska, #48 most populous, was 407 and is now 407 of 731,545 confirmed infected, an increase of 0 cases (0 yesterday)

In Montana, #43 most populous, was 479 and is now 479 of 1,068,778 confirmed infected, an increase of 0 cases (0 yesterday)

In South Dakota, #46 most populous, was 4,586 and is now 4,649 of 884,659 confirmed infected, an increase of 63 cases (122 yesterday)

In Oklahoma, #28 most populous, was 6,092 and is now 6,138 of 3,956,971 confirmed infected, an increase of 46 cases (132 yesterday)

In South Carolina, #23 most populous, was 10,096 and is now 10,178 of 5,148,714 confirmed infected, an infected increase of cases (201 yesterday)

In Mississippi, #34 most populous, was 13,252 and is now 13,731 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected, an increase of 82 cases (247 yesterday)

In Minnesota, #22 most populous, was 21,057 and is now 21,960 of 5,639,632 confirmed infected, an increase of 903 cases (1,272 yesterday)

In Tennessee, #16 most populous, was 20,011 and is now 20,895 of 6,829,174 confirmed infected an increase of 884 cases (166 yesterday)

In Georgia, #8 most populous, was 43,359 and is now 43,730 of 10,617,423 confirmed infected, an increase of 371 cases (1,227 yesterday)

In Texas, #2 most populous, was 55,897 and is now 56,412 of 28,995,881 confirmed infected, an increase of 515 cases (1,897 yesterday)

I was wrong, there was not a bloom, instead we have blooms, multiple.  Many states have them already, in certain cities, counties and rural areas.  Like popcorn popping here or there in a pan, bloom, bloom, bloom.  Alabama’s hospitals are over taxed, no ICU beds left in Montgomery.  Same situation is repeating all over the Red States now, because they had not yet bloomed, and they believed, in large part, the POTUS and his false rhetoric.  I do not believe Trump can believe any negative evidence, he sees anything negative on his watch as a criticism of him personally, and then attacks the source as a political adversary.  Now science itself is his enemy and many of his followers as well.

Boy am I sick of this BS.  The damn headlines, the numbers, all of it.  Writing is never a chore for me, it’s just talking with my fingers.  The work lies in editing, structure, planning on a writing project, not the actual writing itself.  So this particular writing project, lacking all editing, structure and planning, is simply an exercise in free writing. It’s not ‘work’ per se; all SOT, about a pandemic, for historical purposes. None of the actual writing work, so it ought not to feel like work, but it is work because of the content.

All this so maybe we can look back after and study, maybe learn or save a life or two via learning from our errors. I am so sick of tracking this and watching it bloom, watching my fellow Americans disregard science and go party. I am sick and tired of it all and we have just begun, thisd is going to lasty for years, perhaps forever like AIDS, no vaccine yet there is there?

I keep seeing the film ‘Idiotcracy’ in my head.  This memorial day thousands of Americans went out and partied like it was 1999, all over, in many states recreational areas.  Any of those could well be a super spreader event.  All it takes is one asymptomatic person in that environ and you have dozens infected and unwitting, who then travel back home, perhaps interstate, with the bug.  I think come the Summer Solstice we are going to see very bad results from Memorial Day.

As a result of all this I no longer see a need to track the Canaries, we have blooms already and state numbers may not reflect what is happening in any particular city, township or county.  I will continue the dailies nationwide and globally.

Legacy C-19 Headlines
Apple to reopen about 100 stores in U.S., most with curbside pickup
WHO expects hydroxychloroquine safety findings by mid-June
Brazil coronavirus deaths could surpass 125,000 by August, U.S. study says
Coronavirus: UK authorises anti-viral drug remdesivir
WHO says the Americas are new epicenter of coronavirus pandemic
Masks too dangerous for children under two, Japan medical group says
Spain to mourn virus victims for unprecedented 10-day period
Wuhan performed 6.5 million coronavirus tests in just 9 days, state media reports
Woman refused to put mask on, covered her face with underwear instead
WHO warns of “second peak” in areas where COVID-19 declining
Dutch PM Mark Rutte didn’t see mother before her death because he followed virus lockdown rules
Research reveals gene role in both dementia and severe Covid-19
Ireland reports no new coronavirus deaths for first time since March
Study shows 8,000 additional deaths in Mexican capital as coronavirus rages
Brazil surpasses U.S. in daily coronavirus death toll
California to allow places of worship to reopen, in-store retail shopping to resume
Coronavirus: All non-essential retail shops can reopen in England from 15 June, PM says
WHO suspends clinical trial of drug touted by Trump as ‘coronavirus cure’ over safety fears
Pandemic: What You Need to Know
Warning for crowds defying social distancing
Inspiring stories of World War 2 veterans dealing with the coronavirus
Many Americans defy social distancing as country approaches grim milestone
Lifeguards’ new life-saving techniques as beaches reopen amid the pandemic
AAA expects record-low Memorial Day travel during the pandemic
How an Illinois senator is battling the pandemic from home
Dr Siegel ‘deeply disturbed’ by images of weekend partiers
Trump imposes travel ban on Brazil
Gov Newson issues guidelines for reopening places of worship after backlash
Brazil’s Outbreak Exploding As U.S. Imposes Travel Ban
President Donald Trump Issues Travel Ban For Brazil As Virus Cases Spike
North Carolina Sees Highest One-Day Spike In Coronavirus Cases
California Issues New Guidelines For Reopening Houses Of Worship
New Jersey Governor: Pro Sports Can Resume, Outdoor Graduations Allowed In July
Gov. Andrew Cuomo: New COVID-19 Cases Down To Lowest Level Since This Started
Mayor de Blasio Discusses Formation Of Contact Tracing Team For New York City
Tokyo Commuters, Residents Welcome Lifting Of State Of Emergency
WHO Warns Of ‘Second Peak’ In Virus Cases: This Has Happened In Past Pandemics
Businesses Concerned COVID-19 Could Ruin Cape Cod Summer Season
Finding ‘Hope, Through History’ During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Laurie Garrett On COVID-19 Timeline: ‘Three Years Is My Best Case Scenario’
‘Universal Masking’ Is Crucial In Preventing Second Wave Of Coronavirus
Death and Denial in Brazil’s Amazon capital
Distance rules ‘hard to enforce’ on beaches
People pack into DC war memorials despite pandemic
Second stylist at Great Clips sick with COVID-19
Trump responds to critics of him playing golf amid pandemic; calls for schools to reopen
Couple reunites after months apart due to coronavirus restrictions
Trump administration leaves testing to states as businesses reopen
COVID-19 puts summer camp plans on hold
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says expect “pain” in new economy
Watch live: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gives coronavirus update
How coronavirus changed Congress
CNN reporter debunks Alabama beachgoers’ Covid 19 theories
Americans flock to public places for Memorial Day
Doctor Fact Checks Mick Mulvaney’s Comparison Between COVID-19 And Flu Mortalities
There Has Never Been A Crisis In U.S. History Where A President Has Performed This Poorly
Sheekey: ‘President Is Clearly Ignoring’ Keeping People’s Livelihood Safe
How To Keep Meat Packing Plants Safe During Pandemic
How The Pandemic Could Change America’s Identity

Maine infected                 2,074                     2,109                    
Increase Infected            61                           35

Maine Dead                       78                           79
Increase Dead                   1                              1

Whilst I isolated and worked on this, 1 more of my fellow Mainers died from C-19.

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