Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Seven

Surviving C-19 Day Seven
April 7, 2020 7 AM
79 Days since first US infection

Whilst I slept 1,469 people died of C-19, of those 212 were my Fellow Americans.

Legacy Media Headline this morning

UK minister Gove is self-isolating as family member has COVID-19 symptoms
Spanish Deaths Rise, Suggesting Virus Not Yet Under Control
Coronavirus wreaks havoc in US black communities
Can mosquitoes or ticks spread the virus that causes COVID-19?
Coronavirus: Facebook to produce ‘heat maps’ of COVID-19 infections
Celebrities reveal new sides during virus, but face backlash
‘Idiot’ NZ health minister breaks lockdown at beach
WhatsApp introduces new limit on message forwards to fight spread of misinformation
Japanese students virtually graduate thanks to iPads connected to robots
China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of ‘plan for world domination’
Russia’s daily rise in coronavirus cases tops 1,000 for first time
Scammers try selling world’s tallest statue as pandemic boosts India’s cyber crime
UK PM Johnson is not on a ventilator but had oxygen support, minister says
Global death toll from coronavirus tops 75,000
Trump aide Navarro warned of pandemic risks in January
Too early to talk about easing of new cases in Germany yet: RKI
Foreign Min Dominic Raab to Run UK Until Johnson Recovers, Will Decide Virus Lockdown Measures
Taliban break off talks with Afghan government on prisoner exchange
Boris Johnson spends the night in intensive care after struggling to breathe
Trump Hints At Retaliation If India Doesn’t Send Hydroxychloroquine
China reports no new coronavirus deaths for first time since January
ABC News Prime: New Orleans death rate, Boris Johnson in ICU, hydroxychloroquine debate
Signs of hope as COVID-19 survivors return home
Prime Minister Boris Johnson in intensive care
A look inside the largest hospital in the US
Family of bus driver who died of COVID-19 makes plea
Worse than Katrina’: New Orleans faces dangerous spike in COVID-19 deaths
How doctors are fighting the growing coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus – Covid-19: Why is every case different ?
Covid-19 – NYC: officials consider mass graves in parks to cope with rising deaths
France records deadliest 24 hours as coronavirus death toll nears 9,000
Japan state of emergency to cover Tokyo, six other areas
Coronavirus: 10,923 deaths and 368,079 confirmed cases in the United States
Trump-touted virus treatment lacks evidence
Inside Iran | Inside The Outbreak
Zoo cams surge in popularity during virus crisis
Convention center begins accepting virus patients
Domestic violence surges during virus shutdowns
Trump says he had ‘warm’ conversation with Biden
Work nearly finished on Detroit field hospital
Coronavirus intensive care: inside a London hospital as doctors fight to save lives
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson ‘in good spirits’ and is stable in hospital
White House warns Americans to brace for difficult week ahead
Trump and Biden hold phone call to discuss coronavirus response
Trump says Navy ship Comfort will be used for COVID-19 patients

President Trump details how many COVID-19 tests have been performed

Trump says the US has performed 1,790,000 tests, using a graph to show the ramp up dramatically, bragging about the testing. Here is the problem, in a nation of 320,000,000 that amounts to 1,790,000/320,000,000 or 1/178 of us. All of his cronies, everyone who comes to see him, all the Oil executives, every businessman who gets near him gets tested. Entire NBA teams are tested. How many celebrities can you think of who have been tested?

What about the rest of us? You win a viral war by isolating and testing to see where the bug is, where it’s been.  It is how we learn about the enemy.  Trump is bragging that he has tested 1 out of every 178 of us.   We, the American citizenry, 1 of 178 tested.  That’s a bragging point?  “Hey, I have run the first ¼ mile of the marathon!  Isn’t that great? Do I get a medal now?”  Who would brag about 1/178 success?  A person who either does not realize what they are saying or a person who feels he can make others believe that 1/178 is a good thing by using images and spin to make it sound big.  Exactly what he did today.  A lethal illustration of that ‘us and them’ mentality I mentioned before.


“The Virus, they’re working hard.  Looks like by April, you know In Theory how it gets a little warmer and it miraculously goes away. I hope that’s true.”

“Now the virus that we’re talking about having to do, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat, as the heat comes in.  Typically that will go away in April.  We’re in great shape though.”

“I think China is very professionally run, in the sense they have everything under control, we believe they are going to have it under control fairly soon.  You know in April supposedly it dies with the hotter weather, and that’s a beautiful date to look forward to.”

“You take a look at those statements, they are all true.  It will go away, you know, it is going away and it will go away.”


Question to Dr. Brix by Jim Acosta
“The President was saying this was going to go away.  It’s April”
Trump interrupts question to Dr. Brix “it is going to go away.”
Q. “but Mr. President you said it was going to go away in April.”
Trump combatively interrupting “I didn’t say a date.”
Q. “You said it warms up in April.”
Trump dismissively “I said it was going to go away and it is going to go away.”
Q. Is there any fairness to the criticism that you may have lulled Americans into a false sense of security?”
Trump interrupts shaking head “no.”
Q. “When you were saying things like it’s going to go away”
Trump interrupting “Well it is” Shrugging
Q. “And that sort of thing”
Trump “But Jim, its going away, It’s going to go away, hopefully at the end of the month, if not hopefully soon after that.”
Q. “But Hasn’t your”
Trump interrupts “Jim it is going to go away.”
Q. “thinking on this evolved?  Hasn’t your thinking on this evolved?  You’re taking this more seriously now.”
Trump exasperated “I think from the beginning my attitude was that we give this country all, I know how bad it was, all you had to do was look at what was going on in China.”

4-4-2020—Trump  “This will be probably the toughest week, between this week and next week, and there will be a lot of death, unfortunately, but a lot less death than if this wasn’t done, but there will be death.”

Legacy headlines
Coronavirus does not seem to pass mother to child
Ten newborns contract virus at Romanian hospital
WH Warned In January Of Risks By Trade Adviser: Report
Acting secretary of the Navy has submitted his resignation after calling ousted aircraft carrier captain ‘stupid’
Warning after worldwide debt reaches 322% of GDP
Coronavirus: Four out of five people’s jobs hit by pandemic
Paris bans daytime outdoor exercise
Coronavirus in 52 African countries, 10,000+ cases, 487 deaths, 993 recoveries
France reports horrific coronavirus death toll in past 24 hours – total deaths over 10,000
Third cougar captured amid city’s coronavirus lockdown
New coronavirus cases in Italy fall to 25-day low, deaths rise by 604
U.S. prosecutors charge former Fox executives, others in FIFA corruption probe
Trump removes inspector general overseeing implementation of $2.3 T coronavirus relief
Spanish coffin maker works non-stop to meet grim wave of demand
China’s virus pandemic epicenter Wuhan ends 76-day lockdown
Girl, 5, writes letter checking in on 93-year-old neighbor who lives alone
New York records 731 new coronavirus deaths in its worst day yet
Grisham out as West Wing press secretary without having held a briefing
In a first, China knocks U.S. from top spot in global patent race
UK suffers deadliest coronavirus day as death toll soars by 854 to over 6,000
Global death toll from coronavirus tops 75,000
More than 700 employees at one Detroit hospital system test positive for coronavirus
Coronavirus wreaks havoc in US black communities
WH Warned In January Of Risks By Trade Adviser

Here is that same ‘us and them’ mindset from Jarod Kushner

“And the notion of a federal stockpile was supposed to be our stockpile, it’s not supposed to be states stockpile that they then use.”

Kushner is disavowing the reality that America’s federal stockpile is for America, all 50 states of it. Instead it’s “ours” and “theirs”; when the ‘their’ only exists because the states banded together for mutal defense.  It looks to me like they just failed to restock it, probably by not filling in vital positions on the notion of small government so small it would not affect their commerce.  Small enough that capability fell through the cracks.  It fell through the cracks and could not respond adequately or rapidly enough to counter an actual national threat.  That’s why we’re behind the 8-ball.  There is a big difference between reducing government waste and reducing government capability and that was not appreciated by this administration.

Global Infected                 1,414,738
Global Dead                       81,259
Increase Infected            54,699
Increase Dead                   5,314

US Infected                        387547
US Dead                               12291
Increase Infected            19048
Increase Dead                   1298

Maine infected                 519                        
Maine Dead                       12                                          
Increase Infected            20
Increase Dead                   2

While I worked on this today and lived my life in isolation 5,314 people died, of those 1,298 my fellow Americans, of those 2 were my fellow Mainers.

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